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Black Technology Range, Stick Battery Welder

BT STICK 120/150/180 BATTERY


Battery capacity: 440WH

Electrode diameter: Φ1.6-Φ3.2

Weight: 9.4kg(20.7lb.)

Charge: 1 Hour

Applicable: aloft work, field work, interior decoration etc.

• BT STICK BATTERY is a battery welding machine. especially designed for emergency rescue and special working conditions.

• Support quick change technology. Although the battery capacity is 440WH. it can be recharged to 90% capacity is 1 hour and fully charged in 1.5 hours.

• Machine can continue to weld 11pcs Φ2.5*350mm size electrode, or 5.5pcs for Φ3.2*350mm size electrode.

Suitable for boiler welding, ship building, irrigation structure and other maintenance.

Support supplementary power packs, greatly improve the effective working hours and provide longer guarantee for emergency situations.

Dust-proof filter help ensure the welding process under complex environment.


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