What is the Pulsed MIG Welding?

In simple terms, pulsed MIG is a non-contact transfer method between the electrode and the weld puddle. This means that at no time does the electrode ever touch the puddle. This is accomplished through high-speed manipulation of the electrical output of the welding machine. It is designed to be a spatterless process that will run at a lower heat input than spray or globular transfer methods.

The pulsed MIG process works by forming one droplet of molten metal at the end of the electrode per pulse. Then, just the right amount of current is added to push that one droplet across the arc and into the puddle. The transfer of these droplets occurs through the arc, one droplet per pulse.

Advantages of Pulsed MIG Machine:

● Wire and gas saving: Pulsed MIG machine offer a wider operation range because they extend the low and     

      high range of each wire diameter.

● Spatter and fume reduction: Compared to conventional MIG machine, Pulsed MIG offers reduced spatter and

      fume Reduction in spatter translates into significant cost saving because more of the melted wire is applied to

      the weld joint, not as surface spatter on the product and surrounding fixtures. This also means less clean-up


● Heat reduction: Pulsed MIG offers controlled heat input leading to less distortion and improved overall quality

      and appearance which means fewer production problems. This is especially important with stainless, nickel

      and other alloys that sensitive to heat input. 

● Improved productivity: Pulsed MIG offers high deposition rates. In addition, since the new models are

      simplerand adaptive, it is easier to welding with Pulsed MIG than other transfer methods, less time is spent


● Better Quality: Pulsed MIG offers better quality of the finished and a more stable arc. Synergic power sources

      allow for these high quality welds to be achieved by those with relative less training.

How to choose Pulsed MIG Machine:

● Choose machine capable of operating over the new expanded

      range of welding processes

● Look for advanced synergic controls

● Consider investing in dual procedures guns and spool gun

● Carefully choose welding gun size

● Look for work voltage sensing if welding far from the power source






● New PWM technology and IGBT inverter technology for

      high efficiency operation.

● Three dedicated wire feed systems for high productivity

      and no cross contamination.

Function parameter adjustment


JOB mode (Save and call 100 job records)

2T /4T/S4T/ & Spot Weld welding mode

● MIG/MAG with Pulse Synergic / Dual Pulse Synergic,

      Manual and Synergic function

Synergic programs for aluminum, mild steel, stainless

steel and silicone bronze

Adjustable Arc Force

● MMA function (Stick electrode)

Hot start (improves electrode starting)

Lift Arc ignition (No high frequency)

2T /4T Trigger Control

Adjustable Up/Downslope


Adjustable pre and post gas

● Three internal 4-roll, gear drive wire feeders with 4”(100mm) and 8”(300mm) spool holders.

● Three euro-connect outputs for steel, aluminum, silicone bronze and spool gun torches.

● Dual cylinder supports and shield gas lines with four gas solenoid valves.

● IP23 rating for environmental/safety protection.

● Spool gun connection (Allows controlled feeding of smallest diameter wire for thin panels.

● TIG torch connection (Independent of MIG gun connects for increased productivity.

● MMA stick electrode connection with hot-start and arc-force adjustment.

● Built-in Protection Circuit of over-voltage, over-current and over-heat for better reliability.

● Suitable for all positions welding for various plates made of stainless steel, carbon steel, alloyed steel etc.



3m 26AK torch with BLUE handle PA Carbon liner and 1.2 contact tip

3m 25AK torch with GREEN handle, 0.6-.09 (blue) steel liner and 0.8 contact tip

3m 15AK torch with RED handle PA Carbon liner and 0.8 contact tip 

5m spool gun with 9pins connector

4m PRO17 torch (Not #26) with trigger button and thumb-roll potentiometer in handle with Euro plug 35-70 and 9-pin circular connector

V-Steel rolls 0.6/0.9/1.0/1.2

U-Alum and CuSi rolls 0.8/0.9

3m welding cable 25mm/2 with Euro plug 35-70 and electrode clamp 200A

3m earth cable 25mm/2 with Euro plug 35-70 and earth clamp 300A

ER70S 0.8mm/D300/5kg

ER5356 1.2mm/D300/1.5kg

Regulator 2-Gauge 580CGA


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