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Crepow Welding Magnets

  • Welding magnets hold workpieces in place during welding. Magnets are quicker to set up and accurate holding of sheet stock or tubing. They attract to workpieces; it allows both hands free to safely work before welding. 


  • Welding magnets are made of high-quality materials, they have excellent durability and longevity.

  • Various angles available from 30°,45°, 60°, 75°, 90°, 135°, 180°.

welding magnet.png

Standard (Always on) Welding Magnets

  • Arrow Magnetic Welding Angle

crepow arrow magnetic-1_3x.png
crepow arrow magnetic-spec_3x.png
crepow arrow magnetic-2_3x.png
crepow arrow magnetic-2 spec_3x.png
  • Multi-Angle Welding Magnet

crepow multi magnet-1 spec_3x.png
crepow multi magnet-2 spec_3x.png
  • Mini Welding Magnet

crepow mini magnet-1 spec_3x.png
  • Outside Corner Welding Magnet

crepow corner magnet-1 spec_3x.png
crepow corner magnet_3x.png
  • Magnet Earth Clamp

crepow earth clamp_3x.png
crepow earth clamp spec_3x.png
  • Magnet Torch Holder

crepow torch holder_3x.png
crepow torch holder spec_3x.png
  • Adjustable Welding Magnet

crepow adjustable_3x.png
crepow adjustable spec_3x.png

Switchable ON/OFF Welding Magnet

  • Arrow Switchable Welding Magnet

crepow arrow switchable-1_3x.png
crepow arrow switchable-1 spec_3x.png
crepow arrow switchable-2_3x.png
crepow arrow switchable-2 spec_3x.png
  • Switchable Multi-Angle Welding Magnet

crepow multi switchable_3x.png
crepow multi switchable spec_3x.png

Magnetic Tray

crepow magnetic tray_3x.png
crepow magnetic tray spec_3x.png
Standard Magnet
earth clamp

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